A pioneer in the use of the first numerical control machine tools, over the years聽CURTI聽has continued to enhance its technological assets in the field of machine tooling processes on noble materials, such as stainless and special steels, aluminium alloys, pure titanium and titanium alloys, through the introduction of modern machines with large operating fields and five-axis machining. To complete its supply offer, the company has measuring rooms equipped with high-precision coordinate measuring machines.

The machine fleet, composed of various聽machining centres, allows mechanical machining with an operating range of up to 10,000 mm with a universal bi-rotational head and operating ranges of up to 3,300 mm with a聽5-axis head.

Quality control is divided up in air-conditioned聽measuring rooms, with the use of over 2000聽instruments聽that are periodically checked.
Special and large-scale checks are provided through the use of聽CMC聽ZEISS聽for three-dimensional measurements.

The company has specially tailored processes for the聽heat treatment聽of light alloys and聽surface聽cleaning and deoxidation treatments in preparation for welding processes, as well as finishing processes such as the passivation of stainless steels and chromate conversion coating of aluminium and its alloys.
It has qualified systems and personnel for the聽welding of aluminium and titanium alloys, as well as of stainless and ballistic steels, with聽TIG, MAG and MIG processes.

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