CURTI has always paid great attention to the sustainability of its industrial production processes and their environmental impact. This led to the creation of the聽Curti Energy聽division, which operates in the fields of energy saving and the聽recycling of raw materials聽with a circular economy perspective and, to date, has built two patent-protected pilot plants, for tyre recycling and for the conversion of biomass into electricity.聽The division鈥檚 ability in research and development, thanks in part to collaboration with leading Italian universities, has been rewarded with 2 regional tenders for industrial development.

The division鈥檚 current expertise includes:
鈥 Recycling of secondary raw materials from聽end-of-life tyres
鈥撀Gasification聽of wood to produce electricity and heat;
鈥 Recycling of聽carbon fibre composites


Enter in Pyrolyser

Recycling of carbon fibre

Enter in Recycling of carbon fibre

The division is also experienced in the treatment of exhaust emissions聽and energy recovery systems, for which it has innovative and effective solutions.

Regional industrial development tender for a PFU pyrolysis pilot plant

Design, construction and testing of the pilot plant

Industrialisation of the pilot plant

Design of industrial PFU pyrolysis plants (10/30,000 tons/year) and R&D activities for wood gasification activities

Development of secondary raw materials from PFU treatment, presentation to EXPO Milano 2015 and first experimental tests with carbon fibre recycling

Construction and experimentation of a prototype gasifier and parallel development of carbon fibre recycling products

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